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How to find an internship

Through the web page of the integrated service of employment:

Sign up for the SIE database and follow the next steps:

  1. Access OPTION A: register in the SIE, for this you must authenticate as a student with ID and PIN. Once done, it authorizes the SIE to use the information contained in your Curriculum in order to provide you a internship in a company
  2. Access OPTION B: complete / modify CV

Once registered in the database, you can search your practice in two ways:

  1. Looking for a company on your own: Employment Forum, linkedin, injofobs, company website, contacts …
  2. Consulting the list of Internship Offers published in your center and enrolling in those that are of your interest. You can see:
    1. List of offers published for your degree
    2. List of offers to which you have registered and what is the status of your request:
      • Applicant: Once the student enrolls an offer.
      • Accepted/rejected: Depending on the compliance or not requested by the company profile.
      • Submitted: after been accepted, their data are sent to the company for the assessment of his candidacy.
      • Selected/not selected: The company decides the student selected from among nominations

It is important that you keep your CV as up-to-date and accurate as possible. If you are rejected in an offer for not fulfilling any of the requirements and afterwards modify your CV you must inform us so that we review your request again in case the offer remains published.