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The Bureau of International Relations at the School of Engineering Design (ETSID), in accordance with the policy of exchange of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), is responsible for promoting and encourage exchanges of students and teachers with foreign universities in the context of education and training, with the aim of which on the one hand, students at the end of his period of study may have been carrying out part of his career in a foreign institution and secondly, to provide teaching staff development opportunities personally and professionally.

The objectives of the subdirectorate are:

* Inform students and professors at the ETSID the various programmes of international cooperation in higher education.
* Coordinate and facilitate the task of setting up international cooperation programmes in higher education in which the ETSID.
* To facilitate student mobility at the international level within the framework of the agreements signed by the UPV.
* To organize activities to promote the international dimension of ETSID.

How to apply


Application, as well as intructions about how to apply

Application Deadlines

Semester 1/Academic year: From 1st of  April to15th of May
Semester 2: From 1st September to 15th of October

Spanish Courses

Subjects in English

The Polytechnic University of Valencia, in its constant aspiration to adjust to the real needs of our society, promote international collaboration in education and meet the needs of today’s world, offers a number of subjects in English during the academic year.

This activity will encourage the admission of foreign teachers and students and support internationalisation and intercultural processes, so that the University will act as a communicative bridge among cultures.

In recent years, we have witnessed a raise in student demand for international exchange programs, which proves our students’ increasing motivation towards enriching their individual education beyond our borders. The Polytechnic University of Valencia encourages our students’ will to improve with every means available.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia takes on the challenge of training in English during the academic year. A challenge that can only enrich both students and teachers and that will surely promote the already buoyant international dimension of our university.

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