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  1. Requeriments to meet
  2. Types of internship according to recognition
  3. Maximum hours of internship per degree
  4. Minimum economic bag
  5. Internship conditions

Requeriments to meet

  1. Being UPV Student
  2. Degrees:
    1. Not having delivered TFG.
    2. CURRICULAR internship: Have all first course passed and enrol for internship.
    3. EXTRACURRICULAR internship: Have 50% of the ECTS credits passed.
  3. Master degrees. Not having delivered TFM.
  4. In both cases, not having run out available hours.
  5. Be registered in the Curricular Data Base of internship in companies of the service integrated of employment (in forward SIE)

For more information consult rules of internship

Conditions to take into account:
  1. Types of internship according to recognition
  Registration Recognition Equivalence (hours/credit)
Extracurricular It is not necessary Informative Informative

25 hours = 1 credit

Minimum 0.5 Max 18

Curriculum MANDATORY BEFORE the start Recognition by credits
  1. Maximum hours of internship per degree
Extracurricular HOURS Curricular HOURS


(18 credits)

Master u. in design and manufacture integrated assisted by computer (CAD-CAM-CIM) (60cr) 600



Master’s degree in design engineering (75cr) U. 750 0
Master U. in engineering Mechatronics (90cr) 900 0
Master u. in sensors for industrial applications (75cr) 750 0
Master u. Engineering Aeronautics (120cr) 1200 337.5 (voluntary)
Master u. in maintenance engineering (72cr) 720



  1. Minimum economic bag:All internships carried out by the students of the University will have, in general, an economic bag of study aid that will be borne by the company or institution. According to the resolution of the Vice-Chancellor of Employment and Entrepreneurship of the UPV, on October 2nd, 2017, a minimum amount of economic aid to study for students of external academic internships is approved; However, it has to take into account that in the last year, the average internship bag of ETSID, has been 4 € / hour according to the following table:
Hours a day Bag economic minimum (gross) The policy establishes a maximum of 40 hours weekly
4 €350 / month
5 €425 / month
6 €500 / month
7 €575 / month
8 €650 / month

The students in internships with economic bag of aid to the study must be discharged in the general regime of the Social Security by the Company, or in its case, the paying entity, paying the corresponding quota. In the case of curricular internship, they are rewarded.

The student is covered by an Insurance Policy that the UPV contracts only for those students who, given the profile of the practice, should not be covered by Social Security. For more information about Insurance, click here.

Internship conditions

  1. The regulations establish a maximum of 40 hours per week
  2. The internship is carried out per academic course, from the 1st of September to the 31st of August.
  3. Remember that August is considered not-working in terms of the processing of documentation, therefore if you start between August 1st and September 15th, the last day to deliver the documentation it is July 15th
  4. You can not do the internship with a company or institution which you have a contractual relationship
  5. Under no circumstances may formalizing an internship already begun.