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At the end of an internship, you have to make the corresponding academic recognition, which is reflected in the record as follows:

  • Curricular internship: it is evaluated with a numerical rating and academic recognition through the corresponding ECTS in academic record.
  • Extracurricular internship: it is evaluated through pass / not pass and recognition through the mention of the internship in the European Diploma Supplement.

The evaluation of internships in companies and institutions is performed in the period of ONE MONTH FROM the date of completion of the well through the evaluation of internship in companies ‘tool‘ or via the Intranet / services / integrated service of employment / assessment internship in companies.

  • Student must complete their «report end of internship»
  • Company Tutor should complete its «report end of internship», through the link that is sent to the e-mail indicated at the moment of formalizing the internship.
  • UPV Tutor once completed end reports of student and Tutor at company, the UPV tutor check both and fill through your intranet its «assessment UPV Tutor», grade the internship and sign the corresponding act.

The manuals are available for more information:

The presentation of these reports is mandatory as set out in current regulations, both in the case of CURRICULAR and EXTRACURRICULAR internship.

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