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Chair Stadler

Stadler Rail Valencia S.A.U. It is a leading company in the design and manufacture of railway vehicles. Closely United to the history of the railway and with the endorsement of more than one century of experience in the sector, the company designs locomotives diesel-electric, dual and electric, for the transport of goods and passengers of long distance and also trams, tren-tranvias and meters for a sustainable urban transport.

The Stadler Chair with the Polytechnic University of Valencia has the aim of bringing the techniques and modes of work of a leading company in construction of railway machinery at the University. In this way is intended to facilitate the transition of graduates from the University to industry and help close the gap between industry and University. With this purpose we aim to organize, among others, the following activities:

  • Seminars and railway courses.
  • Realization of End-degree-projects.
  • Bachelor and Master projects.
  • TFM in different areas of the railway field: fluid dynamics, structures, dynamic, electrical, control and software, etc.
  • Calls for awards of design: tram and tren-tranvias interior, areas for people of reduced mobility, functional areas as racks, handles, etc.

For more information:

UPV webpage of the Chair


Chair Nagares Mechatronics

The rector of the University Polytechnic of Valencia, Francisco Mora, and the President of Nagares, Herminio Navalón, signed the last 8 of September the agreement of collaboration by which is formalized it Chair of company Nagares Mechatronics. The Chair is attached to the  ETSID, and its responsible is Eduardo Garcia Breijo, Professor of the Department of Engineering electronic and member of the center of Molecular recognition and technological development(IDM).

The Chair aims the promotion of Mechatronics, the discipline that unites mechanical engineering with the electronics in its broadest sense. For this, the agreement provides, among other activities, convene scholarships of studies and awards to projects of end of career, promote practices in companies, organize days of disclosure technical with some of them main specialists world in the field of the Mechatronics and open new lines of research joint.

UPV webpage of the Chair


Foundation of the Comunitat Valenciana Vicente Silvestre and Consuelo Julian Chair

The Foundation of the Comunitat Valenciana Vicente Silvestre and Consuelo Julian, was officially registered in the official journal of the CV in the year 2015 and aims to the development, promotion and support for scientific research, training and teaching in the field of engineering and industrial expertise.

Created with the intention of promoting the realization of all kinds of studies, courses, research and scientific, cultural character and social interest projects, the Foundation was created in order to contribute to the development of engineering, in any of their specialties, in the area of Valencia, place in which their activities will be developed and whose inhabitants are the main beneficiaries of their actions.

Chair Air Nostrum

The object of the Chair, Air Nostrum is to carry out joint activities focusing on the aeronautical field, such as training activities, final project, promotion of scientific research activities, exchange of experts and social promotion through the ETSID.

Some of the activities are:

  • Organization of courses, conferences and lectures by personalities of prestige in the field of the engineering aeronautics.
  • Assistance in the configuration of free-elective subjects and others related to the recent introduction of the career of aeronautical engineering.
  • Encourage the internship of students according to the rules of the UPV.

Page web UPV of the Chair

Chair Airbus Helicopters

The University Polytechnic of Valencia (UPV) signed in the year 2008 an agreement of Chair with the division’s helicopters of the Consortium aerospace European EADS, Eurocopter. This Chair, directed to them students of the degree in Engineering Aerospace, performs activities joint oriented to it training and the realization of practices, as conferences, seminars, actions training, visits of them students to the plants of the company or creation of scholarships of PhD.

The Eurocopter Chair will also allow students to interact with other students of Munich or Marseille, where the company has also created chairs with the respective universities. This Chair was the second created at the school of engineering of the design of the UPV, where are the studies of the degree in aerospace engineering, after the agreement with Air Nostrum.