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The new technologies, those procedures innovative and the new materials employed in their different sectors of business, require a need of a proper training of the future student, that is capable of proportional all their necessary knowledge and skills from a perspective real and from them problematic existing in the market.

This doctoral programme want to achieve a number of objectives aimed at professional specialisation and the incentive to research in the field of industry for design and development of new products, their manufacture and management of industrial processes.

A multidisciplinary proposal with direct application to the industry from different scientific and technological areas is required to achieve these objectives. For that reason, among the different lines of research of the program referred to both those related to industrial technologies (design of products, project management, manufacturing processes, advanced manufacturing, graphic technologies, digital design…) as different areas of scientific knowledge (physics, electronics, robotics…) applied to the industry and its processes.

With this program, the student get the knowledge and procedures own of the research with the aim of reaching the title of doctor. The involvement and contribution of various departments, as well as the experience gained in the development of programs of postgraduate and doctorate in designs of products, manufacturing and project management, allows to design a broad and interdisciplinary program such as this proposal.

The professional profile of these students combines the diversity of the professional proposals allowing a study with regard to the cycle of life of their products and the new proposals of sustainability that society demand and the business context. Generating capacities based on research able to respond globally to a multitude of approaches and multidisciplinary. Then, the profile allows to approach the research specific in the different areas involved and at the same time respond in a systemic way to the globality of spects affecting all products from a generic perspective.

The design allows exercise of interlocutor between the different disciplines using all those that belong to the phases of study and research of any typology of product. Therefore the student through this offer personalise their studies according to business demand, according to the various problems currently required and multiple technological areas. The disciplines of methodological character able to equip the student of generic tools for research stand out.