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How to change a practice

 The initial conditions of the practice (duration, dedication, economic exchange, tutors, training project, etc.) may change while you're in the internship period. So will have to deliver in triplicate "Modification of practice" document, which you can find in

He document will have that contain the signature original of all them participating and the seal of the company, and must present is with an advance minimum of 15 days working in the Subdirectorate of relations with the company of it ETSID.


 How cancel a practice

 If by reason, you decide to abandon the practice, the "Termination of practice" document shall be delivered in triplicate in the Subdirectorate of practices in the ETSID company at least 15 days prior to the cessation of the practice. You can find this document on the website:


 Completion and assessment of a practice

A time after the practice, is will proceed to its assessment both if want to that is as credits or as mention to the same in the record academic. To do this you must deliver before 20 September of each academic year, (if not do not may be recognized) the following documentation:


-If you are student of grade or Master:

  • Manual of evaluation student UPV
  • Assessment manual tutor UPV