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Máster en Organización, Gestión y Administración de Entidades y Organizaciones Deportivas

This Master is aimed at graduates, preferably graduates in Business Administration, law, journalism, science of physical activity and sport and all those graduates or graduates who wish to specialize in the area of sports management.

It aims to train future professionals in the field of Sports Management, with case studies applied to the reality of the sector, developed by professional contrasted in this area, complementing the training of graduates so that they can specialize in the field of Management sports offer sports management professionals new working methods applicable to their work, and take advantage of new challenges offered by major sporting events such as social events and tourist character.

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Máster en Styling y Diseño de Concepto del Automóvil

The Master in Styling and Design Concept Car is the result of collaboration between the Center for Lifelong Learning (CFP) and the School of Design Engineering (ETSID) of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

The Master provides and analyzes these factors to provide students with the resources that enable it to draw conceptual ideas and realistic solutions that respond creatively to the demands of this market. It counts with the participation of working professionals with extensive experience in developing and managing transportation design projects, a program tailored to the requirements of the sector, appropriate software tools and workshops to carry out specific models.

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Máster en Artes Gráficas, Especialista Universitario en Diseño Gráfico Editorial

With an experience of over 26 years, the Master in Graphic Arts is aimed at graduates and professionals seeking to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively carry out their professional activity in the field of graphic arts and visual communication. Its realization prepares to perform tasks in the management, design and coordination of processes and graphic products.

The contents include the use of computer graphic design tools and the principles and foundations of graphic design, graphic arts and production in the printing industry.

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