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The Educational Cooperation Programs are aimed at the participation of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Higher Technical School of Design Engineering with Companies and Institutions in the field of Education and Employment.

This cooperation consists in the realization of Final Year Projects and Projects of students of the last courses of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Companies and Institutions. The fundamental objectives of the Educational Cooperation Programs are to contribute to technologically improve the Companies and Institutions contributing human resources of this University, with ample technical knowledge, and to complete the integral formation of the student, so that this one can be incorporated to the professional world with a certain experience technical and human.

This collaboration is materialized through an Educational Collaboration Agreement between the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Company or Institution. This agreement does not imply any contractual relationship between the student and the Company or Institution, since, by its nature, this relationship is strictly academic and not labor.

The Educational Collaboration Agreement requires the figure of a Tutor in the Company or Institution and another in the University that will ensure the training of students. It is also necessary to establish a Training Program in which the activities that will be carried out during the stay in the Company / Institution are described. The students will be subject to the regime and schedule that is determined. The Company or Institution agrees with each student an amount of money as a study aid bag, which will be paid in the manner determined by both parties. The expenses incurred in the payment of these, may be tax deductible.

From the Subdirección of Relations with the Company of the School Superior of Engineering of the Design facilitates to the students of this School the possibility to realize practices and Projects Final of Career of quality in companies and institutions.

The student who practices in companies has the opportunity to learn to solve real problems applying the knowledge acquired during the career, work in a business hierarchy, work as a team, as well as communicate with customers, suppliers, etc. living in this way experiences of responsibility which provide a useful baggage for their future business performance.

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