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EUR – ACE® seal

EUR – ACE® seal is a certificate awarded by an agency authorized by ENAEE (European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education) to a University in relation to a title of degree or master's degree in engineering, evaluated according to a set of standards defined, in accordance with the principles of quality, relevance, transparency, recognition and mobility referred to in the EHEA (European higher education area).

EUR – ACE® seal is internationally recognized and facilitates both the academic mobility and the professional, enabling you to identify programs of engineering of high quality in Europe and beyond its borders, incorporating the perspective of the key stakeholders (students, universities, employers, professional organizations and accreditation agencies).

EUR – ACE® seal is a generic label, which is applicable:

  • The diversity of European contexts in which develops the education needed for the start of the profession of engineer.
  • In the various branches or specialities of engineering.
  • For different competencies from graduates of degree or master's degree, in accordance with the European qualifications framework in higher education: ENAEE differentiates obtaining the seal EUR – ACE® for first and second cycle.
  • For the diversity of national regulatory contexts for the exercise of the profession of engineer in Europe: always refers to graduates of engineering, focusing exclusively on the aspects of higher education, without entering the countries power to decide if a particular qualification, accredited or not, is sufficient for the exercise of the profession, leaving freedom in that respect to require a certain level of qualification , or the need to demonstrate a minimum of professional practice.

ENAEE says on its web site the benefits of EUR – ACE® seal:

For universities:

  • It offers an extra of teachings of high quality engineering evaluation to meet the standards set by the profession of engineering.
  • It is an incentive for potential students to choose teaching with EUR – ACE® label.
  • It offers reliable information about the quality of the titles of engineering degree and master's degree, useful both for access to future titles of master's degree and doctorate.

For students and graduates:

  • It ensures that the title stamped EUR – ACE® complies with European and international standards recognized by employers in Europe.
  • It facilitates access to other masters with EUR – ACE® seal and doctoral programs in other universities.
  • It facilitates the mobility of graduates as it is promoted in the European Union directive on recognition of professional qualifications.

For employers:

  • It ensures that the knowledge, understanding and practical skills of graduates of a degree in engineering with EUR – ACE® seal reach a series of international standards of engineering education.
  • Ensures consistency with internationally recognized standards, such as the European Diploma Supplement.

EUR – ACE® seal is also promoted and supported by the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) and the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), ENAEE member associations.

The five accredited bachelor's degrees

Degree in aerospace engineeringEUR – ACE® certified degree in aerospace engineering

EUR – ACE® certified degree in engineering in Industrial design and product development

EUR – ACE® certified degree in electrical engineering

EUR – ACE® certified degree in electronics and automation engineering

EUR – ACE® certified degree in mechanical engineering