More information in:



Next Thursday, January 23 at 11:30 in the Vicente San Onofre classroom of the ETSID, Esther Campos Serrulla will give the conference entitled: “TFM Experience: Master Design Engineering Study of an essence for the city of Valencia”

Conference poster





The Royal Spanish Physical Society (RSEF) and the BBVA Foundation have awarded outstanding scientists in this field. The delivery ceremony has claimed the value of knowledge to drive technological advances and guidance to society in the face of the great challenges of the 21st century. Award-winning researchers have developed their work in movements as disparate as the exploration of the most elementary components of matter, the creation of new materials with unusual properties, the manufacture of mobile synthetic cells for transporting drugs, the invention of optical technologies to improve the vision or development of quantum computing.

The Best Article awards in the RSEF publications have been for Juan A. Monsoriu, director of the ETSID, with his colleagues Isabel Salinas Marín, Marcos H. Giménez, Juan A. Sans and Juan C. Castro-Palacio, professors of the SmartPhysics project and authors of the article “How to visualize forced oscillations on your Smartphone”.

Full news: -la-sociedad-ante-los-grandes-desafíos-del-siglo-xxi/

Project profile “How to visualize forced oscillations on your Smartphone”:

Speech video:

Video about all the winners:

Congratulations to all the winners!











The provisional list of admitted and excluded is published in the call for the Erasmus + Studies program for the 2020/2021 ETSID course

Lista provisional admitidos y excluidos Erasmsu+ 2020-21



Amazon has announced the launch of the first edition of Amazon Campus Challenge in Spain. The contest offers students from all over the country the opportunity to partner with real companies, most of them small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to help them start selling online at Amazon and expand their business to other European countries.

The contest is open to students over 18 years of age who are studying at a higher level during the academic year 2019-2020 in a center in Spain. The registration period is open until December 20, 2019 and teams can register on the challenge website: Teams will have to choose a company that has not yet created an account to sell on Amazon. After identifying a company to collaborate with, students will define and implement an e-commerce strategy for their businesses before the competition begins on February 17. To succeed, they will have to delve into all the possibilities that Amazon offers to develop a brand, set up specialized stores, promote their products, distribute and export.

Amazon benefits generated by the contest will be donated to a non-profit organization. For a complete description of the contest and the rules, see the website:

“Amazon Campus Challenge is a great opportunity for students to apply what they have learned academically and develop their business skills in a real environment,” said Mariangela Marseglia, Amazon VP and Country Manager in Spain and Italy. “Students can offer a lot to small businesses: a fresh perspective, bold ideas and the opportunity to explore online sales as an additional and successful channel.”

The contest will last until the end of May 2020 and at the beginning of June a panel of Amazon executives will choose the winning teams based on turnover, units sold by the company and performance note, based on customer feedback and index of Defective orders or delay. There are 28,000 euros in prizes, of which 10,000 euros will go to the winning team. In addition, the finalist and winning teams will receive AWS credits through the AWS Educate program. Subject to qualification and availability criteria, winning teams may have the opportunity to have an interview to work at Amazon.












This talk will give a general description about the LISA space mission of ESA / NASA and one of its most interesting sources. Gravitational capture of an object of stellar mass through a supermassive black hole allows us to map space-time around these black holes. This phenomenon corresponds to having a camera taking hundreds of thousands of photos of spacetime, from all angles and distances of the black hole. In addition, we can extract with minimum errors parameters such as the mass of the black hole and its spin without doing any modeling, since it is a direct reading.


Speaker: Pau Amaro Seoane, researcher Ramón y Cajal of the Institute of Space Sciences of the CSIC, Barcelona.

Place and date: Hall of Degrees of the ETSID of the UPV, on Wednesday, December 4 at 12:30.


More info:

















The deadline for applications for the PROMOE 2020/2021 call has been opened.

All the information can be found through the intranet of the student in the section Services => International Relations and Cooperation => International Mobility and Cooperation (AIR). Once the AIR application is opened, you must click on the Call block, which says Promoe Call 2020/2021.

On the Documentation tab you will find the general rules of the call and other documents of interest.

The deadline for applications will be open until December 9th.

For more than two decades Valencia has become the starting point for some of the best car designers in the world. The fault lies with the talent that is wasted in the master’s degree in car design at the Polytechnic University. Students will exhibit their latest works there.


This news has been highlighted by some relevant newspapers. Links:






The article is called “La innovación y conocimiento en transporte ferroviario”.

Full new here

PRACTICES IN FORD SPAIN, course 2019/2020. Extraordinary call. 31 practices in FORD SPAIN are called for the realization of external academic practices.



– From November 19 to December 10, 2019.



– February 5, 2020.


Information and registration at:

The Santander Grado Iberoamérica 20/21 call is now open, offering 24 scholarships of € 3,000 to UPV Degree students to attend stays at UPV Partner institutions in Latin America.


The submission of applications will be from November 18 to December 9 through the AIRE platform.

Interested students must also formalize the application through the Santander platform:




Call for training grants from the National Institute of Aerospace Technology. On November 12, 2019, the extract of the Resolution of November 6, 2019 from INTA has been published in the BOE, which calls for 8 training grants.

The call for scholarships for graduates is now open and ends on 12/3/2019.

Information and requests in:

The Torrecid company is aware that people are the basis of any type of activity, and their future depends on the future development of companies and society. That is why one of its objectives is to foster entrepreneurial skills and international mentality among UPV students to provide future business leaders.


The purpose of this call is the award of 5 prizes to the students with the best Grade End Work and 5 prizes to the students with the best Master’s Degree Project.


The deadline for submission of applications ends on November 30, 2019.


More information:

Call Torrecid Prize Awards for best TFG

Call Torrecid Prize Awards for best TFM

The student, Lluna Sanz Montrull, won the Prize for the Best Defense of TFG in Valencian organized by the ETSED during the 2018-2019 course.

The School wishes to congratulate the winning student on the quality of his defense, by the care, by the dedication demonstrated and to leave the full utility and validity of Valencian in the scientific and technical fields.

The School also wishes to thank the other participating students and the directors and directors for their collaboration. Together they have achieved that this seventh edition of the award is of great quality, since at the high level of the defenses, the work must be added, both for technical quality and for language. The entire set of participants has shown an appreciation for the language worthy of recognition.

Finally, the School wants to reaffirm its commitment with the Valencian, maintaining and improving this initiative and proposing new ones that make Valencian more and more present and visible in our School.


  • November 25
  • From 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Grade Room 1 (Student House, 1st floor)

We are pleased to inform you that ETSID has received the favorable interim report for the award of the EUR-ACE seal to the University Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

We want to convey the congratulations, both to the teaching and research staff involved in the degree, as well as to the administration and services staff of the School, and especially to the components of the Master’s Academic Commission and its director Antonio J. Torregrosa Huguet (DAT) and Vanesa P. Cuenca Gotor (Deputy Director of Academic Innovation ETSID), for a job well done.

Vulcanus in Japan is co-financed by the Japanese host company and the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation (an entity founded by the European Commission and the Japanese Government). Students receive a scholarship (1,900,000 yen) for travel and basic living expenses in Japan. They are hosted by the company that welcomes them during the 12 months. The language courses and the seminar are in charge of the
EU-Japan center.

The program consists of the realization of industrial practices by EU students * / COSME **. It starts in September and ends in August of the following year to adjust to the academic year in the EU / COSME member states.

Students perform:

A one-week seminar in Japan.
An intensive 4-month Japanese course.
Internship in a Japanese company for 8 months.
Deadline for registration until January 13.

All the information here.

The application period for the Erasmus 2020/2021 call has been opened.

All information can be found through the student’s intranet in the section Services => International Relations and Cooperation => International Mobility and Cooperation (AIRE). Once the AIR application is opened, click on the Calls block, in which Erasmus 2020-2021 ETSID says.

In the Documentation tab you will find the general bases of the call, the specific ones of ETSID and the table of equivalences of languages. An updated list of the places available at each university for the different degrees of the school will also be available shortly.

The deadline for applications will be open until December 2.

“Next Generation Women Leaders Award”, an award aimed at undergraduate or master students, with or without professional experience.

Those selected will receive a scholarship of 2,000 euros aimed at paying tuition, volunteer work, summer practices, research or other initiatives that can help them in academic and professional development. They will also be given the opportunity to have a mentor (one of our consultants) who will support them in their academic studies and in their professional environment.

+ Information on this link:

Coinciding with the opening of the PROMOE 2020/21 application deadline and taking advantage of the visit of Amanda Hammatt, responsible for International Engineering Studies & Programs of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), the Subdirectorate for International Relations of the ETSID has A talk-presentation about the exchange options for students of the ETSID in said university is scheduled.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the best universities in the world (number 27, according to the ranking of Shanghai, the most prestigious today) and, since many students are sent to the UPV from there, they are very interested in increasing the flow of our students to Wisconsin. Traditionally, ETSID is one of the schools that has sent more students, leaving a very good impression, so they want to enhance the exchange with our students.
The talk will take place on Monday, November 11, at 11:15, in the ETSID Degrees Hall (ground floor, south wing).

Those selected will receive a 2,000-euro scholarship aimed at paying tuition, volunteer work, summer internships,
research or other initiatives that can help them in academic and professional development. 
They will also be given the opportunity to have a mentor (one of our consultants) who will support them in their 
academic studies and in their professional environment.
You can submit your application until November 11, 2019.

+ info:

The Embassy of the United States in Madrid invites you to a special viewing of the movie Apollo 11 in the Assembly Hall – ETSID November 7, at 12.30 pm. Registration is MANDATORY:


The Subdirectorate of International Relations of the ETSID, when the date of the Erasmus call for the next course is approaching, and taking advantage of the fact that Professor Samir Khoshaba, coordinator of exchange programs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Linnaeus University (Sweden), He will be visiting our university for a few days, he has organized an informative talk about the possibilities and advantages of an Erasmus stay at his university, especially in the degrees of degree in Mechanical Engineering (where they offer some subjects in English) and Master in Simulation Driven Product Development (for undergraduate students in Mechanics and Master in Design and Manufacturing Isolated by Computer).

In addition, it is a special opportunity to get to know first-hand what an Erasmus stay would be like in Sweden, since Professor Khoshaba will answer any questions asked about it.

The talk will take place next Thursday, October 31, at 12:00, in the ETSID Degrees Hall (ground floor, south wing).

Extraordinary call for the granting of the Valencia City Council Scholarships 2019 for the realization of internships in companies:

– Applications until October 31
– 12 scholarships available

All the information is here:

Within the framework of the International Exchange Week 2019 (, about to publish the Erasmus 2020/21 call , the Office of International Exchange Programs (OPII), has scheduled two informative talks on the PROMOE programs (exchanges outside Europe) and Erasmus + Internships, as well as Poland’s Day this year.

Also, from the Subdirectorate of International Relations of the ETSID a talk-presentation has been scheduled at the school to make reference to the news of the Erasmus call in ETSID, requirements, possible destinations and other relevant data for the students of our degrees. We will also try to have the intervention of an ESN representative (Erasmus Students Network) that will provide practical information to move around Europe.

The days and times are as follows:

Poland Day (see attached information):

Where: Casa del Alumno, building 4K
When: Tuesday, October 22, at 1:00 p.m.

Erasmus + Internships:

Where: ETSIAMN, 3P building, Assembly Hall
When: Wednesday, October 23, at 12:30


Where: ETSIAMN, 3P building, Assembly Hall
When: Wednesday, October 23, at 1:00 p.m.

Erasmus ETSID:

Where: ETSID, classroom S03
When: Thursday, October 24, at 12:30

This information is of special interest to all those who plan to request an exchange for this next 2020/2021 course.

For all the information: Download

Gena Prats Boluda is an Industrial Engineer and a PhD in Electronic Technology from the UPV. Department of Electronic Engineering and University Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering ETSID UPV.

Research lines: they are framed in the field of Biomedical Engineering, specifically in the development of non-invasive systems for ad-doc collection and instrumentation of bioelectric signals and their processing as well as the development of prediction systems and support for diagnosis and taking of decisions. These systems and tools have been used in cardiology, gastroenterology and obstetrics, in collaboration with various hospitals and research groups.


Place: San Onofre Classroom

Date: 15:30 – Tuesday, October 15

The Portable SPEAKER design exhibition is located from 10/11/2019 to 11/07/2019 in the ETSID Hall.

The objective of the project shown in this exhibition is the knowledge and application of the different processes of obtaining models and prototypes in product design and development. The proposed project consists of the design and prototyping by 3D printing and laser cutting of an envelope for a 1.5W bluetooth speaker.


The result of the project has been a challenge for students in which they have had to know how to respect the functional and manufacturing requirements without compromising the use and aesthetic appearance raised in the initial concept stage.



Model and prototype workshop



Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering



Andrés Conejero


Laboratory technician:

Pedro Ayala

Davinia Gonzalez Morello, an ETSID alumnus has been interviewed for Airbus social networks:

“When I was a child, my grandparents offered me a professional telescope. I was spending my time looking at stars. It was clear for me that I wanted to study and work in aerospace…”


Full new:




Ver esta publicación en Instagram


“When I was a child, my grandparents offered me a professional telescope. I was spending my time looking at stars. It was clear for me that I wanted to study and work in aerospace.” Davinia, is an intern at Airbus in Getafe, currently undertaking a professional formation in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science in Madrid. “I started to be really involved in the air navigation topic. I discovered an online-based video game where you can act as an air traffic controller. This taught me the aeronautic language and rules of this field and became virtually responsible of the ground area of Palma de Mallorca Airport!” Davinia works in the IT department, especially on topics around the Internet of Things (IoT). She supports her department and the shop-floor area: “We have the freedom to develop new technologies on digitalisation and innovation. I’m really happy here! I felt useful and integrated since the first weeks and onwards. For me, it is the perfect combination of IT and planes”. At the Madrid Games Week, she wants to highlight visitors on what they can do as an intern at Airbus. “People are not always aware that Airbus is involved in Virtual Reality and simulators topics. Come visit our stand to find out more!” #LevelUp #madridgamesweek #Airbus #IoT

Una publicación compartida por We Are Airbus ✈️🚀🚁 💻 (@weareairbus) el

A chair is an object where to sit and feel comfortable. A good table allows us to work, eat, read or write peacefully. Participate in the Andreu World Design Contest to design a chair and / or a table. You can participate in a group or individually and also present your project through a video.

Registration period: 11/29/2019


1st prize € 4000

2nd prize € 2000

Four honorable mentions

Do you accept the challenge? More information

PAC 2020

Proposals for cultural actions

Through the CAP they want to encourage all those cultural concerns that may arise from the university community and for this.

Call bases             Electronic request

Reww: Full new

The competition is free for all Spanish university students under 25 years of age and a unique opportunity to understand the operation of a company.


You can find all the necessary information in this link:

GMC base information

The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) held Thursday Sports Welcome 2019, an event that serves as a starting signal for the 2019-2020 sports course and that began, at 6.30 pm, with the traditional Volta a Peu UPV, which held its XV edition traveling its usual 5 kilometers of layout.

Subsequently, at 20.15, the delivery of trophies to the winners of the UPV 2018-2019 academic year competitions and the UPV 2019 Outstanding Athlete and UPV High School 2019 awards began at the UPV Paraninfo.


Cintado, ETSID student

The UPV 2019 Outstanding Sportsman award went to Jon Andoni Cintado Arteche, a student of the Higher Technical School of Design Engineering (ETSID-UPV) and a member of the UPV Selection in the Taekwondo modality.

Cintado represented the UPV in the University Autonomous Championship in Castellón proclaiming itself a University Autonomous Champion. In May, he also won the Spanish University Championship and, last summer, he participated in the European University Championship in Croatia and, later, in the Universiade held in Naples.

As for his federated career, Cintado won the title of Champion of Spain 2018 in absolute category, and internationally, in November 2018, he participated in the Spanish Under 21 Championship held in Warsaw (Poland).

Source: UPV News


Acciona S.A. He has launched more than 100 internship offers for students of the last year or master’s degree in various areas. The 6-month internships offer students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in a large multinational company. The day will be 4-5 hours a day and the remuneration will vary from € 500 to € 800 depending on the position.

The profiles are diverse: Agronomic engineering, ADE and economics, industrial, computer science, marketing, road engineering, access to law, electrical engineering and mathematics. The program is open nationwide and the internships are in Madrid, the Basque Country, Burgos, Barcelona, Navarra, Seville and Extremadura.

All information about the program and open offers are in:

On November 28, the 5th edition of the UPV QUÉDATE Talent Collection Program will be held, organized by the Vice-Rectorate for Employment and Entrepreneurship. The event aims to incorporate talented university students in organizations committed to employment.

A total of 100 students and graduates and 25 prestigious companies will participate in the event.

Through this program it is desired to reward those students and graduates who have been selected both for their academic record and for their training in transversal competences, helping them to enter the labor market. The Polytechnic University of Valencia puts these university talents in contact with HR managers of large companies. It is a pioneering initiative in Spanish public universities.

The QUÉDATE  program has received the UPV Innovation in Management award within the XVII awards of the Social Council year 2018.

The registration period will remain open until October 23, 2019.

More information and inscriptions on the SIE website:

YUNA, the anchoring buoy that filters seawater with the aim of eliminating microplastics designed by YUDesign. The team formed by 20 students of the Degree in Design Engineering and Product Development, taught at the Higher Technical School of Design Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, is the national winner of The James Dyson Award. This international design competition encourages, drives and inspires new generations of engineering, and that, in addition, is endowed with 2,200 euros in this category.


You can read the full story at:

The AZALEA group gives the talk “SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE” on Thursday, October 3 at the ETSID Grade Hall

More information: ampliacion-charlas.pdf

More information:


On 09/19/2019 the scholarships have been published to carry out an internship program through the Valencia City Council.

Check the rules and registration in:


For more information Unit of Practices in Companies – ETSID


We propose the redesign of a funding buoy, in which water filtering technology is implemented for the collection and reduction of microplastics.

Page of the Yu Desing group with all the members of the team, on the dyson page they were only allowed to register 10 names, but it is important that they appear in our news all, who are students of the ETSID, of the Degree in Design Engineering and Development of Products.


Like the academic year, the 2019-2020 season of the FSUPV Team is already underway. Formula Student is a competition for the design and construction of formula cars and then compete against universities around the world. The design phase of the seventh prototype of the team has already begun, being its predecessor, the FSUPV06, the most successful car in the history of the team, getting two fifth positions in the Austrian and German competitions and a second place in the Spanish competition held in the Montmeló circuit. Thanks to these results, the team has been able to position itself in the TOP 10 worldwide of the Formula Student teams. If you want to learn in a professional work environment, gain experience for your future job, transfer the knowledge of the classroom to the practical world and compete against universities around the world, this is your space. All this together with a group of more than 30 students, where teamwork is one of our bases to achieve the objectives that year after year we pursue The team is open to the entire university community, so you will be welcome regardless of the school you come and the degree you study. You can apply directly to the team if you take 2nd grade and up (including master’s degree). If you are in first grade, the FSUPV Academy is your site. Here you will learn the software we work with, you will acquire a theoretical basis to prepare your experience in the team, you will participate in the manufacture of the prototype and you will be able to live the experience of participating as a volunteer in a Formula Student competition If you are interested in the world of motorsport and competition, you are invited to the informative talk that we will hold on 09/26 at 12:30 pm in the ETSID Classroom S02.

We will wait for you!

UPV Team –

Following its exhibition route, after having been in Milan, at the Fuori Salone, the Paral·lel project will be present at the International Habitat Valencia Fair, inside the Nude Hall.

Paral-lel is an annual exhibition project carried out by students of the Higher Technical School of Design Engineering, Polytechnic University of Valencia. Each year the projects of these young designers are collected under the same motto. Students work on the concepts showing their technical skills and competencies in each of the phases that make up the design of propipeline

This year, the fifth edition of Paral-lel is oriented towards office spaces. Because in the middle of digital transformation the way of understanding work is changing, a unique methodology called smart working has appeared. This new way of working is based on giving people all the necessary tools to achieve their maximum professional performance.

Paral-lel 5 brings together seven multifunctional auxiliary furniture that are based on the four basic aspects of smart working: cooperative work, time flexibility, mobility and new technologies. Each design is focused on a specific environment and meets the suggested needs in an intelligent and efficient way.

Teachers José Miguel Abarca and Kiko Gaspar participated in this edition, from the subject Design for Leisure and Habitat, the Workshop Manager Pedro Ayala and the designer Vicent Clausell.

Between Tuesday 17 and Friday 20, the projects can be seen in stand 7, of the Nude Hall, of the Habitat Valencia Fair.

COCKTAIL PRESENTATION: Thursday 19 (September), 12: 30-13: 00 h



The company ECO3 Multimedia, S.A., editor of the monthly economic, business and financial information magazine, ECONOMÍA 3, announces the contest “Design the Cover of ECONOMÍA 3”; contest open to all students of teaching centers of the Valencian Community, public and private, where Graphic Design is taught.

Competition rules



RDS 8.0 design, crafts and experiences around the wine – POCKET DESIGN GUIDE

More info:

The CEMEX SUSTAINABILITY Company Classroom announces three awards for the best Final Degree Projects (TFG) and three awards for the best Master Thesis (TFM), presented at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the 2018-2019 Course (from 1 / 10/2018 to 9/30/2019) on issues related to Sustainability and Environment.

You can consult the bases and details in:

more info TFG

more info TFM


Bancaja Foundation, in collaboration with Bankia and the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), presents the exhibition 30 years of industrial design at the UPV, which commemorates the implementation of industrial design in the academic structures of this university offering a tour of the production of successive promotions of designers trained in their campus with an evolution from induction to self-learning to specialized training in trends, processes and technologies.
The exhibition, which takes place coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Universitat Politècnica de València, reviews retrospectively the creations of 26 designers, studios and companies that have developed their work from the 80s to the present.
The exhibition presents for the first time a continuous story of this school of industrial design with a selection of almost a hundred designs applied to sectors such as furniture, childcare, ceramics, habitat, textiles, interior design, automotive, consumer electronics, toys, social design , environment or sports. The exhibition includes more than fifteen international awards of the Red Dot Design Award, the IF Design Award, the German Design Award or the Prince Felipe Awards for Business Excellence.

The professionals present in the sample have made designs for brands such as Porcelanosa, Famosa, Mercadona, Lladró, Suavinex, Gandía Blasco, Punt Mobles, Linkedin, Ikea, Godiva, Heineken, Coca Cola, Vondom, Alessi, Snipe, Viccarbe, or Micuna, among others.
The exhibition, coinciding with the candidacy of Valencia as the World Capital of Design for 2022, gives visibility to the long tradition of industrial design in the Valencian Region arising from the promotion of training provided by the UPV.

Free registration and more information: here.

It is reported that within the activities programmed by the Chair of the Istobal Company of ETSID, the totally free courses indicated below will be developed.

The registration will be made once the news is published on the ETSID website and until the spaces are filled by sending an email to   from the UPV official address of the person concerned and clearly indicating in the Subject the course “NX CAD Basic “And / or” NX Complex Surfaces “.

If registration is desired in both courses, an email must be sent for each of the courses.

The 20 places will be completed in strict order of arrival and the List will be published in :

NX CAD BASICO training course from June 25 to July 1 inclusive.

Duration: 24 Hours (N12 ETSID). Schedule from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the last day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Training with manuals included and Instructor approved by SIEMENS. Course with obtaining a training certificate.

It includes:






Training course NX Complex Surfaces from July 2nd to 8th inclusive.

Duration: 24 Hours (N12 ETSID). Schedule from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the last day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Training with manuals included and Instructor approved by SIEMENS. Course with obtaining a training certificate.

It includes:




Courses sponsored by:










Volotea a low-cost airline in Europe, focused on connecting medium and small-sized European cities. Launched in April 2012.

Volotea headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain, being its principal markets Italy, France, Greece and Spain. Operational bases are Italy (Venice, Palermo, Verona & Genoa), France (Nantes, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Marseille and Toulouse), Greece (Athens) and Spain (Asturias, Bilbao).

If you want to see the offers go to:


See call

The Department of Applied Mathematics organizes the XI Conference on Teaching Innovation DMA’19, with the purpose of disseminating and recognizing the work of the DMA faculty that has recently been participating in the Teaching Innovation Projects (PID) of the Department itself each year.

These days have been scheduled for the morning of June 7 with the following program:

10: 00-10: 20 Inauguration.

10: 20-11: 30 Oral communications. (See list of oral communications)

11: 30-12: 00 Pause, coffee.

12: 00-13: 00 Oral communications.

13: 00-14: 00 Talk: “E-PI-LOG-0”, by Professor Maril pez González, of ETS Industrial Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

14:00 Closing.

Attendees will be recognized as a training activity by the ICE and for this the professors and doctoral students interested should register in these seminars by identifying themselves on their intranet. Then they must click on the link provided below and they will go directly to the ICE training offer in the permanent training portal. There they only have to click on see All the offer and click on the button Registration of the Day (which will be the last). The pre-registration is until June 6.

From the DMA we hope that this Conference will be an exceptional opportunity to learn about the teaching experiences of some of our colleagues firsthand (we enclose the oral communications). For this reason we encourage you to attend these conferences.

The Day will be in the Assembly Hall of ETSID, ground floor, to the right of the Hall.

Building 7B.

Last Tuesday, May 28, 2019, the Royal Academy of Engineering, recognized as Laureate Engineer Mr. Justo Nieto Nieto, from the ETSID we want to send you our congratulations for such a well-deserved tribute.


Dear. Estimated

We have just launched a new call for international mobility to carry out internships in development cooperation projects: PROGRAM VALÈNCIA COOPERA 2019

Whether you are a student or you have already finished the degree or master this year or the previous one (2017/2018 academic year) you can choose one of these 9 different places and be able to practice in NGOs between 4 and 5 months: in Chile, Guatemala , Mauritania, Tunisia, El Salvador or in the Saharawi Camps.

The ONG look for all type of profiles for ALL THE DEGREES AND MASTER OF THE UPV.

The scholarship includes help from:

  • 1000 euros in concept of travel bag (flights and visa).
  • 400 euros per month (per month of stay).
  • Health insurance.

The deadline for registration ends on June 11, 2019 at 23:59 (online registration through the AIRE program on the Intranet).

For more information:



Advanced and specialized training in sensor technology from a multidisciplinary point of view, covering aspects of chemistry and electronic engineering applied to industrial processes in general, all with the aim of training technologists and high-level researchers.

More information:


“The video of the partners meeting of the ‘Craft Your Future’ project funded by the K12 – Erasmus + program where we are participating is already available, and we thank our School for the support found, the video reflects both the work and the meeting at the School, the small sample of our students in the Craft Center, for September we will take five master and / or degree design students that we will call soon, to go to Bulgaria. ”

The call for the Wonnow contest, organized by Caixabank and Microsoft Ibérica, is now open. Focused on the 4th year students, of science and / or engineering degrees, with at least 180 approved ECTS credits.

Registration period open until June 16

More information in:

On June 6, at 12:30 pm, Mr. Enrique Ballester will give the lecture “Evolution of the Industrial School of Valencia”


Next Thursday, May 30, at 4:30 p.m., we wait for you at the School to attend an interesting informative session, in which you will discover the beneficial role we can play in your professional life.

More information and inscriptions at:

Several groups of the university ecosystem converge to give a worthy solution to a Sagunto project


VALENCIA. The New House is a strange place. It is a reception center for immigrants that is two kilometers from the urban center of Sagunto. Between orange trees, it has a highway closer than a habitable house. Taking away everything pompous that the name may have, it is a place to go as a last option before the street and after arriving in a country like Spain from an area like sub-Saharan Africa. The center hosts half a hundred migrants, each with their history and urgency, with their expectations and disappointments. Some stay for a few months, others come just to be in the orange campaign and continue rolling around Spain to deseasonalize their salary, others have been almost a decade without seeing their family since they left their country of origin.

While it serves to patch the drama of unattended immigration in the locality, the center has serious problems of infrastructure and economic viability , more when public administrations have shown more back than hands. With all this, it seems that the answer has come from another place: design and architecture.

It is Friday, and in a classroom on the fourth floor of the School of Design Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, a dozen students meet with their teacher, Begoña Sáiz Mauleón , coordinator of equality actions and cooperation development of the School. Today’s class consists of making a problem tree. The object of study? The New House, which they met a few months ago and have already visited several times outside of school hours.



This is University Development Cooperation , a subject that only a handful of students have chosen but that they have precisely asked to channel, not only a practical sense to the knowledge that they are acquiring in the career, but also a social sense: “the subject it consists of incorporating the human rights-based approach as a philosophy of analysis, development and intervention within engineering studies “, explains Sáiz.

Today’s activity consists of pressing the different infrastructure problems and living conditions that can be improved, such as the electrical installation (which is very precarious) or the almost zero availability of hot water. The students participate very actively, remembering what they saw in their visit, asking the motives and the stories that have led the migrants to live there … “The objective is that our intervention generates changes in the existing reality. This happens, obligatorily, by a phase of contextualization, which consists of observing, analyzing, interacting and asking. After this necessary process comes the intervention proposal “says the teacher. Currently, in the classroom they are defining the problem tree and the objectives tree through the design thinking method, commonly used in product design.

The project of the subject has been addressed so far in problems outside Spain and La Casa Nueva has allowed them to strengthen ties and think long term : “Our action is a bilateral cooperation, and while they demand us and we can apply our knowledge , we will be there. The project will continue in class in consecutive years. If this year we have worked in the phase of knowledge of the reality, problems and objectives, the next course will work on the action, and anyone who wants to continue previous courses can collaborate. Action also means having money to carry out an intervention. We are also taking care of that, “says Sáiz.

The look of the design is in charge of putting a solution to what has always been done from the urgency and what has also been ignored from a more professional point of view, a relatively common situation in social projects that, due to lack of funds, make the gratuitousness of its flag, and with it, the precariousness of some conditions in which users develop it. Design becomes a solution here, implementing the usual processes in the commercial world and applying them with a much more social perspective.

– Why design can be a solution for a social problem of such depth? 
– More than the design, the designer would say. I understand design as a social and moral responsibility, and from that perspective, it must be at the service of the whole society. We have only to look at the problem generated by the indiscriminate use of plastics, and their presence in the sea. We have our share of responsibility.

Before summer, they will have the diagnosis made. The next course. And although the academic deadlines will lengthen the process, while going to La Casa Nueva is an inspiration for them and to create those relationships beyond the technical with the migrants who reside there.

Architecture, or how to create a home without the need to build it

This year, as if by magic, several initiatives have come together at La Casa Nueva. So, before the Begoña Sáiz class,  Projecte Dempeus approached , driven by alumni of Architecture of the same UPV and who have already developed a couple of projects before, always from volunteering and social architecture.

In parallel, Dempeus is also working to solve some of the conditions of the shelter in Sagunto. Their process has been different from that of the design students: “We started with La Casa Nueva to make visits to understand how they lived there and to get to know them.” The idea is not to go directly with a solution, but to be born from within the center itself. We try to contribute our technical vision (from Architecture and from our formation in cooperation to development) to generate bonds and to know and experience the real problems “, explains Belén Fernández , one of the promoters.



Their work, until now, has been to organize a series of participatory workshops in which they have put the university volunteers in contact with the reality of La Casa Nueva in order to improve aspects that do not necessarily have to be architectural, but are related more with the own habitability. The idea starts from the development of the concept of home , which is supposed to try to aspire to this place.

In this sense, one of the workshops was devoted to approaching the concept that users had of the center. They handed out a folio and asked them to graphically represent what they considered a home. They drew people, a whole community of houses made of canes and mud, houses very far from aesthetics and European construction … On the other side, they had to draw The New House, and the contrast of perception was hardly assumable: ” the cultural differences make your concept of home can not be given as such in Valencia , and that translated to perhaps not only need to improve a physical condition of the center, but feel loved and cared for, “says Fernandez.

In this sense, it plays against the temporality with which the majority of users assume their stay in the center (whether later or not) and the hostility breathed by the authorities and the population in the rest of the ecosystems in which they live. they develop their routines.

After having made their own problem tree and spending time in La Casa Nueva understanding how they live and how they occupy the space, the participants of the workshops present their proposed solutions for the center on Thursday. One of them will be evaluated and carried out. Perhaps the improvement is aimed at how to order the coexistence of the different uses that each of the users gives to the dining room. Or to expand the shadow area, because there is not much, a lot of leisure time and free time is wasted. Or to paint a wall to pacify the aesthetics of the center. Or to make technical improvements such as sealing windows.



The participants come from different points of the university, from Fine Arts to all types of engineering. The common point is that look from architecture, which revolves around the habitability and human development of space. ” It’s good to distort the idea that architecture only gives you a place to live , because maybe a shack can be more a home than a luxury villa, it’s about cultural conceptions and experiences,” comments Projecte Dempeus.

Beyond the work of these months, the idea is to continue to strengthen the relationships created these months and continue working hand in hand with users and also the volunteer team that has been driving the center since 2006.

A mural to make a space more livable

These days, La Casa Nueva has also been one of the spaces in which the urban art festival Més Que Murs has been held , organized by the City Council of Sagunto. The contest, which develops almost a dozen murals in different parts of the town, wanted to invite the students of Fine Arts of the UPV to improve the appearance of the exterior facade. They thus cover an old graffiti, which had been degraded with the passage of time. This action, which may seem minimal compared to the cluster of infrastructure problems that the center suffers, actually fulfills an aesthetic function that makes it more pleasant, not only the passage of users, but the perception that these represent of people passing by. over there.

Informative session about the MENTIONS of each of the degree titles for THURSDAY, MAY 23, starting at 1:00 p.m.

This year we have incorporated a previous presentation of “Training for employability” that will take place at 12:30 in the S02 classroom.

From here, the reserved spaces to inform about the mentions are the following:

• Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development (*). Classroom S01
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• Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering (*). Classroom S03
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• Degree in Mechanical Engineering (*). Classroom S02

(*) The corresponding exposure to the Occupational Risk Prevention Mention will take place in room S02 at 2:00 p.m.

L’alumne Iván Ferre Juan ha guanyat el 6é Concurs a la Millor Defensa de TFG en Valencià convocat per l’ETSED durant el curs 2017-2018.

L’Escola vol felicitar l’alumne guanyador per la qualitat de la seua defensa, per la cura, per la dedicació demostrades i per deixar ben palès la plena utilitat i vigència del valencià en els àmbits científics i tècnics.

L’Escola també vol agrair a la resta d’estudiants participants i als directors i directores la seua col·laboració. Tots junts han aconseguit que aquesta sisena edició del Concurs siga la de major qualitat de totes les realitzades, ja que l’alt nivell de les defenses s’ha d’afegir els dels treballs, tant per la qualitat tècnica com per la lingüística. Tot el conjunt de participants han demostrat una estima per la llengua digna de reconeixement.

Finalment, l’Escola vol reafirmar el seu compromís amb el valencià, mantenint i millorant aquesta iniciativa i proposant-ne de noves que facen que el valencià estiga cada vegada més present i visible a la nostra Escola.

The Universitat Politècnica de València stands out once again as a leader in technological initiatives. For this opportunity in the framework of the 50th anniversary, the students of the spontaneous generation group D.R.O.N.E University UPV Team together with FpvGames, organize the IBERIAN DRONE LEAGUE in the city of Valencia. This is an international Racing Drones competition that will take place in six different cities and teams from Spain and Portugal will participate. It is a source of pride that the students of our school are part of this technological world so highly demanded today.

The new call for the Wonnow contest, organized by Caixabank and Microsoft Ibérica, is now open. This contest is focused on 4th grade students, science and / or engineering degrees, with at least 180 approved ECTS credits.

More information in:

Premios Wonnow 2019

A pretext to talk about design from engineering and give visibility to the role of women in this professional profile.

We inform you that the 2nd call for PROMOE 19/20 has been published:


The deadline for submission of applications is until May 20.

The Master of Mathematical Research Investmat, co-organized by the UPV and the UV, invites you to attend the Conference “Exhibition of Technique of Mental Calculus” given by Alberto Coto, world champion and Guinness record of mental calculation.

The conference will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 12:30 in the Marcela Miró classroom of the ETSID (2nd floor, South wing).

With Date 07/05/2019 has published an Extraordinary call for internships in Companies to be carried out in the Ministry of Housing, Public Works and 
Vertebration of the Territory. If you want more information, go here:

2 scholarships of 5.5 months duration € 600 per month of study aid

The on-line catalog of the work exhibition of the subject “Color control for the product” of the Master’s Degree in Design Engineering is now available.



On Thursday, May 9, at 12:45, will take place in the auditorium of the School of Design Engineering (ETSID) the conference “Future of air traffic automation systems”, given by D. Víctor Manuel Martínez García, Director of European ATM Programs at Indra. The conference will focus on the technologies of air traffic automation developed by Indra in the framework of the JU SESAR and that will form the basis of the ATM in the coming decades.


We continue to help the UPV Talent.

New appointment on May 16 in the ETSID. Designed for students of Degree and Master of Design and students of other degrees with a vocation and interest in design.

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Sportsman and supporter. He won the youngest ultraman title in Europe and this year he has set a new challenge. Adrián Cortijo, a student of the degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering and Automation of the UPV, has decided to do the Camino de Santiago running for a cause of solidarity. He has raised about 2000 euros for ADEFHIC, the Association of Sick and Relatives of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. At the price of one euro he has sold raffle tickets for a tablet.


I started writing my first novel when I was 11 years old

[ 26/04/2019 ]

María Romero Pérez, student of the third year of the Degree in Aerospace Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), is the winner of the XV Short Story Literary Contest Alonso Zamora Vicente for her work Pestaña vacío.
The award, granted since 2005 by the University of Nebrija, carries with it a prize of 1,400 euros (100 of them through a gift voucher in La Librería de Hoyo), a diploma, an institutional gift, and printed and digital editions of the victor story
The aim of the contest is to encourage writing, from the academic field, among university students, pre-university students and staff of the different university communities.

“A new push at a time when I needed to believe more in my stories”
Happy for the award, which was delivered to her at the Madrid university on Wednesday, María acknowledges that the prize has, for her, “a meaning that goes beyond recognition or an economic amount”, since it has meant for her “an new push in the way of writing, a pat on the back at a time when I needed to believe more in my stories. ”
However, it is not the first time that the literary talent of this young woman born in Benidorm on October 31, 1998 is recognized. At the age of 16, he won the Jordi Sierra i Fabra for young writers with Cenizas de un octubre helado – published by the publishing house SM – and, subsequently, he won the 1st Fotohistorias Contest Feel.
“When I was little, I always filled my notebooks with my stories,” recalls the student at the School of Design Engineering (ETSID-UPV), “and when I was 11, I started my first novel, it was at the beginning of my high school education when I started. to write constantly. “


Engineering and literature, two fundamental passions in her life.

 To her liking for the letters, Maria opted for the scientific branch when choosing her studies, and does not consider both paths as mutually exclusive.
“Encasing us in one field or another without being able to peek at new ones is a mistake: for me, engineering and literature are fundamental parts of my life, and the passion for one does not mean abandonment or less interest in the other,” he says. the student of the UPV. “On the contrary, both fields give me very different knowledge and feelings, so by alternating them I can stay motivated without falling into an eternal routine,” he adds.
In fact, facing the future, María acknowledges that her dream “is to continue writing while I continue my scientific development, I would like to dedicate myself professionally to writing while working in the field of aerospace engineering.
Maybe in the maintenance part, or in design … I’m not clear. “

Pestaña vacía
With regard to the winning story, María points out that Pestaña vacía “tells the story of two very old sisters who, after being widowed, begin to live together in the house of their father’s town.”
“The story,” he continues, “narrates two daily episodes of their lives with traditionalist, superstitious, and sometimes dramatic touches, and the idea came up one afternoon, as a result of collecting various customs that exist in my family.”

Satisfied in a UPV that “is focused on the education of its students”
A great example of the comprehensive education that the UPV works to promote, María feels particularly satisfied with the institution in which she studies, combining her scientific vocation with her literary passion.
“The UPV is focused on the education of its students, offering us opportunities for our academic development at all times: courses, business talks, internships … From my school, the ETSID, the formation of different teams is promoted to develop different projects “, concludes María, a clear example of the professional profile and person to whom, surely, she expects a bright future as an engineer, writer … or maybe, who knows, in both areas.

We continue to help the UPV Talent. New appointment on May 16 at ETSID.
Intended for students of Degree and Master of Design and students of other degrees with vocation and interest in design.

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The Hyperloop team of the Universitat Politècnica de València will install in Cheste the test track to test their new subsonic train prototype. Once built, it will become the first lane of this type installed in Spain and one of the few in Europe. The team intends to carry out all the tests and validations for the Hyperloop Pod Competition IV.

Hyperloop is an idea of ​​means of transport based on a system of large vacuum tubes, which circulate some capsules capable of transporting passengers and goods with speeds of more than 1,000 km / h. At the end of 2015, the visionary Elon Musk launched the Hyperloop Pod Competition and encouraged students from around the world to participate by proposing ideas. Since then, the competition has held three editions, in which the UPV team has established itself as one of the best in the world.


The first Hyperloop test rail in Spain.

Shortly, work will begin on the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, an area that has a capacity of 120,000 spectators and which hosts different scoring events of the Motorcycling World Championship. The length of the track will oscillate between 100 and 300 meters, which will allow the team to carry out studies on the suspension, navigation and levitation systems. It will be the first Hyperloop test track in our country and one of the few of this type that Europe currently has. The idea is to arrive ready for the competition that will take place in Los Angeles from July 15 to 21, 2019, and be able to fight for the victory.

Sponsor 1 meter of rail

To achieve the test track that presents the best performance, the team has launched a microwdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Thanks to this initiative, everyone can sponsor one meter of the road (or more), and leave their name inscribed in one of the most exciting transportation projects of the future.
Although the team has exceeded the first objective, the campaign is still open until Thursday, April 25, 2019. If you want to help the 40 students who make Hyperloop UPV, do not hesitate.

More information

More information on the website of the Air Force Awards:

Cartel Premios Ejército del Aire 2019

For reasons of improvement of the facilities and Easter time, the ETSID Library will be closed from April 19 to May 2.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

You can check the schedules of all the UPV Libraries by scanning the QR code of the image or in the following link:

The Universitat Politècnica de València participates, representing Spain, in this European project approved in its call 2018 and which will last two years.

The UPV, through the professors of the Drawing Department Chele Esteve and Manuel Martínez Torán, will host the ETSID the Craft Your Future project partners meeting on Thursday 4 April (ref 2018-1-NL01-KA202-038952) , funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + K2 program in which they participate as partners:

    • Friesland College
    • Learning Hub Friesland Foundation
    • Stichting House of Design
    • The Fabric Association
    • NGPI Tryavna School” (Gabrovo)
    • Oceanonaranja (FabLab VLC)
    • Universitat Politècnica de València


Craft Your Future is aimed at young students from different backgrounds, from different European countries, encouraging them to learn from each other. It is aimed at teachers of vocational training and universities, with the intention of improving the development of teaching methods and content, with the aim of strengthening the future world of employability of its students. The objective of the project includes the collaboration and the promotion of regional alliances (local authorities, cultural centers, workshops, companies, organizations, etc.), in order to:

– Allow students to get closer, get involved and value more the traditions and heritage of their region.

– Asegurar que los jóvenes tengan el potencial, el conocimiento y las competencias para ser el cambio hacia la sostenibilidad que nuestro mundo necesita.

– Ensure that young people have the potential, knowledge and skills to be the change towards sustainability that our world needs.

– Initiate intercultural conversation and exchange among young people about cultural heritage, technological trends and circular economy.

– Increase the set of learning opportunities for students, in order to develop their skills for their future work life.

– Preserve heritage through the use of culture as a driving force for creative innovation, provide solutions to waste management problems, and take advantage of low-cost technologies to develop innovative ideas.

– Develop the skills of teachers, to enable them to work with their students in “real” cases.

– Strengthen the network of universities and higher education centers, fostering regional cooperation with stakeholders.

– Create bridges between generations. Young people will better understand the older generation, sharing their knowledge and vice versa.

The project takes into account the EU’s key priorities, while being consistent with the needs that partners experience in their daily practice. The project links regions with similar needs, but involves partners with specific experience in the three different themes: The Netherlands (as experts in circular economy), Spain (with experience in digital creation and manufacturing technologies) and Bulgaria (specialized in traditional crafts ). In addition, the aim is to initiate an intercultural dialogue among young people on cultural heritage, trends and new techniques and the circular economy, which specifically require a transnational approach.


Video of the first meeting of October 2018 held in Leeuwarden (NL), in which students from the School of Design Engineering participated:


On April 4, an exhibition of the work developed among students and artisans from the regions of Frisland, Gabrovo and Comunidad Valenciana will also be inaugurated at the Craft Center of the Valencian Community, and on Friday, April 5, the meeting of partners will take place. the facilities of the Center, coinciding within the events that are celebrated by the European Craft Days.

On April 10 and 11, the Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum of the UPV will be held.

You can find more information at:

Forum website:

Downloading the APP: http: //

Facebook and Twitter: @upvsie

Instagram: @sieupv

The MAHLE Chair announces the best TFM award at a national level in the area of ​​Mechatronics and Automobile Electronics Engineering for the 2018-19 academic year.

More information:

We present some of the latest acquisitions received in the Design Engineering Library. You can check them and make your reservation from POLIBUSCADOR


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The Library offers two online workshops in the ICE offer: “How to search for scientific information for your work” and “Resources for the End of Degree Work”. They are free and validated by credits.



Nazariy Harvat is a graduate in Aerospace Engineering specializing in Air Navigation currently working in Palma de Mallorca, on an airline called Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics. He finished the degree in July of 2017, the month in which he presented his Final Degree Project.

On March 15 he will explain to us at a general level how an airline or commercial operator works, that is, the regulations that it must follow, the structure of it, the functions of the different departments that compose it and the organizations with which it must collaborate to be able to carry out its tasks and achieve its objectives.

Nazariy holds the post of Compliance Control Auditor, which is part of one of the departments of an airline.

It will explain what your work is and what other opportunities exist in a commercial operator (or in an organization that usually works together with the commercial operator) that may be interesting for an aeronautical engineer.

Finally, we will make a brief summary of his professional experience and will expose a series of conclusions that he has derived from it, in the form of advice that may be interesting and useful for someone recently graduated in Aerospace Engineering.

On March 5, the I Info-Day of the EDIBO Project (European Digital Bootcamps) took place at the School of Design Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). The event was aimed at presenting the project to the university community, the business community and the general public. The event was opened by Ms. Rosa Puchades Pla, Vice-Chancellor of Social Responsibility and Cooperation of the UPV; Mr. Juan A. Monsoriu Serra, Director of the ETS of Design Engineering at the UPV; Mrs. Silvia Terrasa Barrena, Director of the ETS of Computer Engineering of the UPV; and D. Manuel Civera Salvador, Mayor of Llíria. All of them agreed on the importance of developing initiatives that provide solutions to youth unemployment and that, therefore, as highlighted by Ms. Rosa Puchades, are included in the commitments of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Afterwards, the researcher responsible for the EDIBO project, D. Lenin G. Lemus Zúñiga, a researcher at the UPV, gave an overview of the problem in which the project is based on a set of data on youth unemployment in Spain and the business demand of experts in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Then the round table began on the theme “Knowledge and key competences to promote the labor insertion of young people in the ICT sector ” They participated in her D. Josep Enric García, manager of EMT Valencia; Mr. Ernesto del Valle Blanco, director of Human Resources and manager of the Alfatec ICT Training Center; Ms. Marga Aparicio Martínez from the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia; Mrs. Silvia Cuixeres Torres, Head of Purchasing Central Innovative and Sustainable Services of the Diputación de Valencia; Ms. Malak Kubessi Pérez, Head of the Orientation, Training and Employment Section of the UPV; and Ms. Begoña Sáiz Mauleón, researcher of the EDIBO Project and professor at the UPV. Mr. José Manuel Catalá Civera, director of the ITTAC institute of the UPV, moderated the interventions.

The different contributions served to create a moment of shared reflection on the situation of young people at risk of social exclusion. In addition, each speaker presented the initiatives that their institutions or companies were carrying out to improve the employability of the youth sector as well as to respond to the demands of companies in the field of ICTs. A small debate was then generated in the that also attended the event. Among other aspects, the gap between university and business was addressed; and the need to strengthen ICT training to improve both the employability of young people and respond to the need for computerization of companies.


What is EDIBO?

The EDIBO project is sponsored by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment and in which the UPV participates along with institutions from five other European countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. The UPV group, led by Lenin G. Lemus Zúñiga, consists of 11 researchers from the UPV belonging to the ICT Group vs. Climate Change of the University Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ITACA). EDIBO is based on an innovative approach , inspired by the Rapid Technology Skills Training of the World Bank. At first, the set of collaborating companies defines their needs in ICT and training programs are developed from them. This training is offered to a group of young people between 25 and 29 years old at risk of social or labor exclusion, who are neither studying nor working. After the training period, the students carry out an internship in one of the collaborating companies, being able to obtain a labor contract at the end. At the end of the 36 months of the project, in 2021, EDIBO will have involved 1050 young Europeans forming them in the ICT sector and reactivating their labor insertion capacities.


More information:

Project website:

Project explaining video:

The ETSID welcomes in its hall the exhibition “Engineers + in Design”, that defines itself as “a pretext to talk about design from engineering and give visibility to the role of women in this professional profile”.

The exhibition will remain on 08/03/19 to 12/04/19

Place: Hall HALL ETSID.